Hello there! We're Entropeer

We are a not only a group of people. We're a team that works together to deliver high quality software to our clients...

There's no doubt we can build you a high quality web app for you, but a successful one goes far beyond pixels and code. We create web apps from the ground up, exhaustively planning every aspect of it.

We pay attention to the finest details, those which make all the difference, and we focus on every single one of them.

We turn ideas into wonderful products...

about_image Being a relatively small studio means we get to really engage on a personal level with you, our client. Bigger isn't always better.
We support you and your business and we’re not interested in taking a backseat. Download our presentation in PDF (800 KB) download-buttons


What we do.

 We create effective web and mobile applications that help your businesses become more efficient powered by the quality of our work.

We are Agile! Our methodologies are based on the best practices of Scrum and eXtreme Programming, this ensures our flexibility and allows us to adapt easily to changes. Our development process includes industry-proven practices like Continuous delivery and integration, Project management and collaborative tools, between others.

    We know that mobile applications are on the top of the market. That's why we can develop apps, which will put your brand or product on every mobile phone. We have broad experience on iOS, Android development and other mobile development frameworks. We can also help you decide which is the best mobile platform according to your needs.


    For the last years we've been working on web apps development, using different frameworks on many technologies like Symfony in PHP, Django in Python and Ruby On Rails. We are used to being involved in the whole development process, helping the client to gather and define the functional requirements, designing and coding your site and finally make it become alive. Our team is involved in every step of the process adding value to it.


    We have a wide experience on the Technologies for web and mobile development like PHP, Python, Ruby On Rails, UX, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Javascript, iOS apps, Android apps.
    We love to R+D the latest technologies and improvements in our field to provide you with an edge experience with our products.


    We keep close communications with our clients in a daily basis by providing access to our collaborative tools where they can see the progress, planning, create new tasks for the team and all other cool stuff related to the project.
    You'll speak directly with one of our Project Leaders who will guide you through the whole process making sure everything works smoothly.


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Meet Our Team.

We turn ideas into
wonderful products...

We believe that the success of a project is directly related with the quality of the team...

Martin Capeletto
General Manager

Hernan Berroja
Project Manager (Partner)

Fabio Sanvido
Project Manager (Partner)

Iago Rodriguez
Project Manager (Partner)

Agustin Capeletto
Head UI/UX

Alfonso Concha
Project Manager

Marc Arbones
Big Data Architect

Erwin Aguero
Data Scientist

Ignacio Rojas
Sales Manager

Mariana Beldi
UI/UX Developer

Paula García
UI/UX Developer

Ezequiel Schwab
Fullstack Developer

Jose Escalante
Fullstack Developer

Maximiliano Molina
Fullstack Developer

Francisco Laborda
Fullstack Developer

Saul Coria
Fullstack Developer

Daniel Jinkis
Fullstack Developer

Luciano Rocha
Fullstack Developer

Trinimar Acevedo
Fullstack Developer

Jesus García
Fullstack Developer

Adrián García
Fullstack Developer

Ignacio Ruiz
Fullstack Developer

Alex de Caso
Frontend Developer

Alex Gonzalez
Frontend Developer

Felipe García
Frontend Developer

Sigrid Monsalve
Frontend Developer

Victor Suniaga
Frontend Developer

Miguelangel García
Frontend Developer


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Where we are

Castelli 535
Tigre, Buenos Aires

Phone: +1 415 812 4069 
Phone: +54 9 11 5 9536322
Phone: +54 9 11 6 7052264
E-mail: info@entropeer.com
Website: http://www.entropeer.com